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Wall, Floor & Clip Fans

Fans are needed to maintain an optimum temperature and moisture in a growth room. To install fans in your growing area you need to choose a space and a plug near it. To adjust a fan at right range is essential to make its use valuable. To eliminate heat stratification in your growing area have the fans oscillating however set direction up towards the ceiling or down in the direction of the floor in your indoor garden.In this way even a small fan can be strategic to maintain an effective temperature for plants. Another important point to follow is Not to turn off the fans, Fans are cheaper than grow lights in terms of electricity cost, So try to leave the fans on in your grow room 24 hrs. Turning them off while turning off lights is not a prescribed practice.Advantages of fans in a growth room are not limited only to maintain moisture and heat but insects, pests and bugs do not like wind ,as it lower their chances of setting up on leaves. A better air circulation, ventilation, a disease free environment as well as provision of right level of carbon dioxide and oxygen can be maintained in your garden in an affordable way with fans. Wall, floor and clip fans, positioned in tactical sites help in sustaining freshness of an indoor garden.

''Why are fans needed in a grow room year-round?''

Fans in an indoor garden improve air flow that is required all round the year. In cold and hot weather fans keep the needed warmth by continuously and uniformly circulating cold/hot air stream, as well as make growth area’s environment unsuitable for molds and pests.

Number of fans needed for a growth room is determined by size, area and ratio of free and planted space of your growing area. Install fans at a proper distance (usually far from each other) and angle from each other to keep your indoor garden breezy and healthy.

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