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Whiteflies / White fly

You may detect a group of winged white insects with small antennas on lower side of leaves, these are white flies invading your plants. Scientific name of white fly is ‘Trialeurodes vaporariorum’ and it sucks juice / sap from different plant parts. As a result, growth of plants is troubled and ultimately leaf yellowing and decreased yield. Whiteflies also discharge honeydew, so leaves perhaps sticky and a dark mold can be observed on surface. They also have a nymph stage known as ‘’crawlers’’, during which they don’t have wings. Nymph grows into 3-4 stages before becoming an adult insect that lives for a couple of months under favourable conditions. At this stage they are small in size and are hard to spot on leaves due to their colour. They are likewise vectors of transmitting a few viral diseases. White flies can be found in both indoor and outdoor gardens. A wide variety of plants can be attacked including ornamental plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Infestation can prevail in each season and in different regions of North America as well as throughout the world.In case of severe infestation plants may wilt and eventually die.

Difference between mealybugs and whit flies is that white flies can fly. You can notice flying little bugs near your houseplants, and its an indication of severe invasion.

''How to get rid of whiteflies?''

Monitor your plants regularly,once you find whiteflies,similarly as with any houseplant bug pervasion, you'll need to make a move immediately. There are a few natural whitefly control alternatives, and the most ideal approach to execute whiteflies is to utilize safe organic pesticides/ insecticides available at Healthy Harvest Hydroponics and Horticultural supplies.