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Yellow Leaf Spot

Yellow or brown spots on leaves of your plants can be a symptom of leaf spot disease. It is for the most part caused by fungi or at times bacteria. Yellow leaf spot can harm an assortment of plants including many houseplants, vegetables and fruit trees. Defoliation can likewise happen in affected plants. A developed plant can persist defoliation to some degree, however little or as of late planted trees that end up defoliated are more in peril of torment damage. Yellow leaf spot disease not only damage the yield of plants as well as seriously impact your garden's look, as plants don't appear healthy.

Leaf spots infestation first attacks lower leaves can enlarge in size and may cover entire leaf. Spots may convert into brown or black in shade with time in addition to dark leaf edges. Moistened and warm climate as for most of the fungal infestations is optimum for invasion and spread of leaf spot.

Leaf spot disease invades your precious plants in wet conditions or when garden is left watered for a long period. Spores of this disease causing agent can persist in decaying leaves or other plant parts on soil in winters. Most of the times leaf spots can be observed in spring or summer season. Leaf spot causing agents produce spores that transfer from one part of the plant to other and one plant to other plant effecting plant foliage. This disease can be found almost through out the world including USA. Avoid prolonged warm moistened conditions and make sure the soil in pots and in garden area is disinfected and free of decaying material.

To control yellow leaf spot disease a scope of organic fungicides/Insecticides are accessible that are appropriate to each sort of plants including flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs even in the period of harvesting. These safe sprays wipe out the disease-causing agents without harming plant products or aesthetic value. Registered insecticides/pesticides are available with instructions to use and you can also get every kind of equipment / tool required to use them effectively. Our insecticide and fungicide selection tool makes it easier for you to choose appropriate products for your diseased plants.

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